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UI, UX & Art Direction

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The new Vudu is enjoyed by millions of customers on multiple platforms. Users love VUDU for its deep catalog of 80,000+ movie and tv titles. I led the original redesign of VUDU over a nine month period, back in 2013. 

Lean back & enjoy

Recommendation Engine
Search by Genre and Mood


VUDU partnered with Jinni, a start up which specializes in metadata tagging. The upside for the user is that they could now search for a title according to genre, mood or person. Designing and arranging all this information within the interface, was a constant UI challenge throughout the redesign.

Leanback Experience
Trailer Bingewatching


People watch movies to escape. An optimal experience won’t break that immersive spell by having to navigate in and out of sections while using trying to add a movie to your queue.

With this feature, a user can now enjoy these trailers and stay in the flow. If one trailer captures their interest, they can easily add it to their wishlist, without having to navigate to a separate Movie Details screen.

Art Direction
Immersive Backgrounds


This immersive background was a bold advancement from the old product details page. Each title layout was designed with a beautiful background image, to create an ambience and feel which represented each title. I lobbied hard for this design, as I felt such a design would inspire conversion among users. VUDU management agreed, and we hired a few interns to manually source and crop the imagery for the thousands of pages we then needed to backfill.

The original redesign of VUDU was my introduction to product design back in 2013. With a small but mighty three person design team we redesigned VUDU across smart TVs, gaming consoles, tablet and native.


I'm still proud of this work. Six design patents were granted to our team – a testament to how innovative the interface was as the time.

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Interaction Design
Movie Ribbon


By using the movie ribbon, a user filters to a Chase / Action subset of movies in just a few clicks. One of the key benefits of this approach is organic filtering. Users can quickly pivot and explore different genres and sub-genres until they are finally presented with a movie they like, all within the same layout. This approach embraces serendipity and the free-form search behavior typical to most user sessions.

– Trailer Bingewatching –

Play, Save & Purchase

Role: Art Direction, UI and Prototyping

– Product Redesign –

Key Layouts

Role: Art Direction & Product Redesign

Art Direction
Custom Iconography


I designed a unique and signature iconography for VUDU with the rationale that this new VUDU needed to make a splash – it needed to stand out in a crowded and competitive marketplace.  The iconography was designed to appeal to a gamer’s sensibility, since gamers were the core demographic of VUDU at the time of the redesign. The interface is the brand.

All Projects

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