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Motion + Video Editing






Motion graphics has always been a passion of mine, and this early career work provided a valuable foundation for my shift into product design. Storytelling, animation transitions and an obsessive attention to detail are all skills that are central to both motion and product design.

Motion & Video Editing

Motion Reel


Client: Technosoul

Role: Motion Design, Video Editing

Software: After Effects, Final Cut, Cinema 4D

Select highlights from my time as a motion designer & video editor, during my time at AKQA and Dolby Labs. While I’ve since transitioned to Product Design these last few years, motion design provides a valuable foundation to build upon.

Nike Sportswear.
Athletics West

Role: Motion Design & Sound Design
ACD: Matthew Curry

Teaser trailer for Nike Athletics West. Learn about the origins of modern day running – a ragtag group of 1970’s mavericks, who ran free and fierce in the Oregon wilderness.


Concept Video

Role: Video Editing
Music: Joy Division, “Atmosphere”

Concept music video for the cult classic Radio/On – a post-punk British film from the 1970’s. Joy Division’s signature atmosphere provides a perfect backdrop, to alienation and existential drifting.

Dolby CES Attract Loop

Role: Motion Design, Video Editing
Music: Lamb, “Build A Fire”

An attract loop designed for Dolby’s booth at CES. It was designed to highlight Dolby’s dynamic relationship with Hollywood blockbuster movies, and showcase how Dolby is an integral component on all media devices.

VUDU Spark

Onboarding Video

Client: VUDU Inc.
Role: Motion Design & Art Direction

Sound Design: Connor Moore

A launch video which introduces users, old and new, to the new VUDU redesign on living room devices. The video was embedded on the VUDU Spark remote control. I designed and art directed the style frames, as well as produced the motion graphics. Connor Moore did a stellar job on the sound design – much of what we see, is what we hear.

Dolby Atmos Cinema Trailer

Role: Creative Direction & Motion Design
Art Director: Yusuke Asaka
Sound Design: Erik Aadahl

With Dolby Atmos, your cinema experience feels truly immersive since 128 speakers are employed with pin point accuracy. This theater trailer was designed to promote and educate movie patrons about Dolby Atmos. We brought the audio experience to the forefront by dialing back the ambient visuals to create an immersive audio-centric experience.

All Projects

All Projects

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