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TCL’s premium X-1 TV now comes bundled with a sleek tablet. The tablet functions as a voice driven remote control and a second screen experience. Our challenge was to design a tablet experience that would engage the entire family.

A portable sidekick

Personalized Greeting
Call and Response


A subtle bokeh animation occurs when the device is in rest mode and the user speaks to the device. I wanted this voice animation to be ambient and alluring, as I imagine most folks enjoy tv in a low light setting. As well, this is a key brand touchpoint, and an opportunity to establish an emotional bond between the product and the user. An effective yet elegant use of motion design is required here, from both an interaction and branding perspective.

Kid Friendly Programming
Built for Kids & Parents

One of the key use cases for Closer TV was designing a kid friendly layout which would occupy the kids, and free up parents to do other things. To activate it, parents can toggle to a kid friendly interface within the UI, which is simplified with bigger pictures and less text. 

Parents can also control what types of content the kids are allowed to watch. As such, the team decided that Adult oriented features such as purchasing content and viewing Live TV were disabled within Kids mode.

ACR Technology


Aside from being a nifty universal remote, the tablet experience also functions as a second screen device. By using ACR technology, viewers are able to find out more about their favorite actors and actresses – what films they’ve been in, what films they’re working on, or even who they’re dating.


For future rollouts, we imagined that viewers could interactively shop while they watch. For example: find out more details about a wardrobe outfit within a certain scene, or book a trip based on a locale that captivates you. ACR technology allows for a much richer and interactive viewing experience.

Program Planner
Never Miss a Show


Keep up to date on your favorite shows throughout the season. To set up a notification, tap the alarm icon. You’ll then be notified when your favorite show is about to air throughout the rest of the season. This feature is especially useful for older syndicated shows which air on multiple channels throughout the day.

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A Second Screen Tablet for Immersive Viewing

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All Projects

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