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eBay’s 3D true view technology will allow sellers to capture a rich visual experience of their items, highlighting the quality and providing buyers with an accurate representation of any details or defects. Using a proprietary app, sellers can scan the object with their mobile device, taking video from multiple angles. 

This new pilot feature is currently available to select sneaker sellers in the U.S., and the company plans to expand the tool to additional sellers in 2022. Buyers can check out 3D true view for select sneaker listings on the eBay app for iOS and Android. The technology can scale to other luxury items like watches, jewelry, and handbags.

Motion Affordance


Having the thumbnail image move slightly, alludes to the 3D nature of the image and provides a high degree of affordance. The user is encouraged 
to tap on the image and launch the 
3D feature.

Origin Story
It all started with an AR Sneaker Pilot

The current 3D project shares the same product DNA from an earlier AR Sneaker Pilot which was shelved only a few weeks prior. Our team was originally tasked with designing a Sneaker Try-On experience, that improved upon GOAT's offering at the time.

While our tiger team was disappointed at the sudden executive directive to pause this project, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Work on the newly assigned 3D project moved at a even faster clip, since our team had already conducted much of the foundational work required to concept and iterate for this space.

Prototype Concepts

• Seamless toggle between AR Try on and 3D model view
• Browse across multiple brands in the inventory tray
• Explore a model and all variations ex. Air Jordan 4 colorways

• Caters to the completist who shops variations of a single model

• Shop directly from the feature and go to Checkout

3D view toggle
Preview Left and Right Model


From a user perspective, being able to toggle seamlessly from a left to right shoe model while in the 3D viewer overlay keeps the experience immersive and uninterrupted.


This feature is especially useful for buyers who are considering used or deadstock models, whereby the quality of both the left and right sneaker, needs to be evaluated before committing to the purchase.

Instructions Prompt


Our team felt we should provide users instructions on how to interact with the feature. As designers, it’s easy to assume people who know how to use pinch and zoom but a lot of new users might be missing out.

eBay’s 3D true view technology showcases the sneaker from all angles. You can now examine every detail — from the individual stitching to the condition of the sole. It’s just like holding the shoe in your hands. Inspect the sneaker and buy with confidence.

Inspect it from all angles

UX, UI, Rapid Prototyping

Skill Set

eBay. Sneakers Vertical




All Projects

– Validating Design Concepts –

Testing Proposed Features for v2.0 

Role: UX, UI & Prototyping

All Projects

Problem Statement

Sneakers are a multi billion dollar vertical and highly competitive. Once the dominant player in this space, eBay lost significant market share over the years to focused startups like Stock X. The 3D model view is a premium tailored experience which will help our buyers evaluate expensive sneakers, address their concerns, and help close the sale.

Strategic Insights

Especially for luxury & pre-owned sneakers, seeing the seller’s model in 3D will elevate the level of trust a buyer has at the point of purchase. The 3D technology is particularly useful for evaluating deadstock and used sneakers since it highlights any blemishes, grading condition and imperfections. 

Project Goals

Launch an MVP pilot quickly and apply these learnings to a massive rollout in 2022. 
Scale and apply the program to other enthusiast sector like Watches, Jewelry and Collectibles. Re-establish eBay as a premium competitor in the luxury e-commerce space, which will earn the preferred loyalty of high frequency buyers.

Personal Learnings

“Don’t let perfect, be the enemy of good." While I personally would have waited to perfect some of these MVP features before shipping, there is a benefit to shipping quickly and learning from a live release sooner than later. With eBay's scale, a delayed launch is millions of dollars lost. Ship quick, learn, iterate.

– RITE Methodology–

Partnering with Research

Role: Rapid Prototyping

Prototype Wiring

Credit to Figma for making the process of prototyping so integrated into the concept and ideation workflow.


Prototypes are essential for communicating the potential of a concept and fostering collaboration among various stakeholders. They are pivotal in engaging key decision makers to back a project at the fragile genesis stage.

UI Text Flows

I've found UI text flows to be a useful tool when first concepting the interaction flows for a feature. The technique consists of cataloging what a user sees, above what they do. This is presented in a fraction style format. It bypasses all notion of UI styling, which can distract a visually oriented designer like myself who needs to focus on pure interaction.

Build, Test, Learn & Iterate

Our luxury verticals team is small and I was very fortunate that both Amrita and I share a similar working style and philosophy when it comes to a research and design partnership.


Both of us thrive on innovating quickly and 
unlocking insights. Such a practice is called RITE: Rapid Iterative Testing and Evaluation.

Research Partner:
Amrita Chatterji

Analog Storyboards

Sketching on paper and compositing onto a rough digital prototype has the intrinsic benefit of communicating the idea without judging the final visual design.

At this point, it's more about generating a discussion of whether these features have merit to pursue further, and do they spark any other ideas we can consider.

– Feature Progression –

Applying Research Insights

Role: UX, UI & Prototyping

Persistent Promo Module


This variation tested a persistent module which provides a ubiquitous access 
point to the 3D feature on the View Item 
layout. It was designed to ensure a high 
degree of discoverability, since a user can access the 3D feature at any point in the view item layout.

Promoting the Feature

Insertion into View Item layout

Every new feature on eBay will find it’s way onto the View Item page. Figuring out an insertion point for the 3D feature required both a lot of diplomacy and respectful collaboration with the domain design teams who own this section.

Our 3D feature was a brand new effort and the final interaction pattern would need to align with other media types like video and AR, as well as integrate with other View Item projects currently in play.


Integration is an ongoing effort that requires a coordinated effort across marketing, tech, design and product teams. Designing is the easy part. Selling the idea, and shipping it is where the real work begins.

We considered many interaction patterns and collectively settled on the one which the engineering team could ship quickly, in the spirit of this being a rapid MVP pilot.


The chosen interaction pattern, a simple icon applied to the 3rd picture was based on ease of implementation effort and compliance with existing design components.

I didn't agree with this decision and we tested alternate solutions (below) to validate this instinct with our users. In the end though, shipping on time remained the key imperative. A better design would need to wait for a v2.0.

View Item Domain Team:

Troy Chafin, Jason Darrrow, Nhon Luu

– Collaboration & Partnerships –

Interaction Variations for Discoverability

Role: UI, Interaction

– Origin Story –

Foundational Work for Sneakers 3D

Role: Ideation, Storyboarding, Prototyping

Icon Iteration

Launching a new feature within eBay involves the active participation and collaboration with other design teams who oversee certain sections, from both a visual and interaction perspective.

For the icon development, the design challenge was to arrive at a solution which communicated the omni directional properties of the 3D model, while mapping to the established visual language of the current icon set.

eBay Design Partners:
Hannah O’Neal, Troy Chafin

– Collaboration & Partnerships –

Partnering with Domain Teams

Role: UI, Visual Design

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