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R&D, Vision Concepts

Skill Set

Dolby Labs



2012, 2021

Dolby AMP represents the collective vision of a passionate team at Dolby, who wondered what Atmos might look like in a mobile device for music producers.

Remix at the atomic level

UI, UX & Prototyping:
Stefan Belavy
Team Members: Yusuke Asaka,
Mark Armstrong, Iroro Orife, Sean Durkin

An idea ahead of it's time

A team of five music enthusiasts came together and pitched our concept at Dolby’s annual Ideaquest in 2012. Looking back, our presentation provided the seed of a vision which Dolby eventually acted upon.

Fast forward to 2017, and Dolby started to network 
with clubs and music producers. Today, fans and musicians can experience the wonder of Dolby Atmos in their favorite club or bedroom studio. Mission accomplished.

AMP – For the total music fan

For the true fan, a love of music goes beyond enjoying the artist’s latest release. Fans want the total package – they want to know when the artist is touring next, and be able to find the one missing t-shirt for their collection, from that album they love. For them, music is right of passage and a constant inspiration which informs your identity. A dedicated music app recognizes this, and easily connects fans to all modes of their favorite musician’s output.


See them in action
Enjoy the latest music videos, interviews and concert footage in the palm of your hand


Authentic merch

Score exclusive merchandise - t-shirts, posters and tour memorabilia which helps support your favorite artist

Flightpath – Work the crowd

NewYears Eve. It’s peak time, you’re playing to a packed crowd and it’s time to throw something extra special into the Mix. Flightpath™ allows you to pick a sound object and assign it a custom motion path for custom sweeps and dynamic vocal effects.Simply sketch a line with your finger, starting from the rear to the front of the room. Throw the bass forward and back across the room. Weave the vocal around the crowd. Flightpath™ allows you to work the room with tailored and tactical precision.

Chart your own path
With the tip of your finger sketch the flight path you would like the element to travel in. Cycle out of sound objects and volley them off, one on a time

Select a sound object

Click next or back to advance through the sound objects you wish to assign to a path

Dubplate – Instrumentals on Demand

Electronic music and the remix owes its existence to Jamaican sound system culture and the dub remix. The advent of dub resulted from an engineer mistakenly removing a vocal while pressing record. The result was the birth of dub music and the remix ethos.

With Atmos EQ, producers can instantly mute certain elements of a track, and replace them with other elements. Thus, an a cappella or instrumental is just one tap away. Other elements like bass, can be increased as well for a more pronounced feel.

Mute the voice
Tap volume twice to mute the vocal.
You have an instant instrumental version.

Low end theory

For a bass enhanced mix, tap the volume icon once to increase the bass. The Atmos algorithm ensures the mix isn’t overly distorted

Mixmode™. Atomic Remix

You don’t have to be a musician to remix your favorite artists on the go. Mixmode™ allows you to drag and drop elements of a song, and place them on a common timeline. The session style format mimics a traditional step sequencer which producers are readily familiar with.

Listen to a loop and modify it subtly over time. The input is delayed one loop, for a call and response feeling of play. Assign and swap these objects – vocals, synths, drums, bass and guitar, onto a common shared timeline - the Slipstream™. The AMP audio engine automatically blends and remixes the song on the fly.

Sound object manipulation
Each sound object has a unique color and shape to indicate it’s type: vocal, synth, drums, bass, and guitar

Step sequencer

A faint highlight indicates the progression of the segment. Double tap an active element to remove it. One loop will play before it is removed

Shapeshift – Beyond Quadrophonic

A companion idea to FlightPath™, Shapeshift™ enables you to move sound objects around the room and keep the arrangement locked for a fixed period of time. The concept was originally inspired by Jazz enthusiasts who are very particular on how their home speakers were setup during the rise of the Quadrophonic home speaker era. While the technologies evolve, an audiophile's desire to hear things in a precise manner remains.

Arrange your sound objects
Tap on a sound object and drag it around the room. When your finger leaves the surface, the sound object will remain in place until it moved or deleted

Select, add & remove sound objects

Advancing through this widget allows the user to select a certain sound object and add it to the room area

All Projects

All Projects

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